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Spinning jenny avec 3 personnages...

Spinning jenny avec 3 personnages...

(artiste et date inconnus)        St. Peter Port , Guernsey
An early 19th century Napoleonic Prisoner of War spinning jenny bone automaton, French, with two partially painted polychrome Breton ladies, both sat on high open carved chairs with mechanically moving arms and head, one making a ball of thread with a short length of twine, the other working the spinning wheel, together with a painted gentleman with articulated head, arms and leg, appearing to operate a treadle lathe and drawknife, all raised on a bordered platform over gears, some losses and modern repairs, 4½in. (11.4 cm.) high. source :
  • Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000 GBP

(artiste et date inconnus)